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Smart features

Maximum ease, beauty & value with a Blue Haven pool

Envision a pool that’s cleaner, healthier, and more visually appealing—all with less expense, maintenance, and chemicals! Blue Haven Pools & Spas’ exclusive SmartFeatures™ enhance style, pool design, relaxation and safety, optimizing water and energy savings. Time and money-saving opportunities include:

  • SmartFilter™ with Microban®

    Extremely efficient and easy to maintain, this filter saves water and its robust antimicrobial protection inhibits mold, mildew and bacteria so the filter stays fresher longer.

    *Microban is a registered trademark of the Microban Products Co.

  • SmartPure® Ozonator

    This purification system guarantees a virtually chlorine-free pool or spa with immaculate, swim-ready water and helps prevent typical chlorine hazards like red eyes, dry skin, and harsh chemical odor.

  • SmartPure® Salt Sanitizer

    Enjoy a gentler, kinder “saltwater pool” using the top-of-the-line generators—without the accompanying expense, trouble, and hazards of traditional chlorine.

  • SmartVac® Pool Cleaner

    This efficient and automated unit noiselessly and easily cleanses most pools in only 3 – 4 hours. Our SmartVac® cleaners eliminate sand, grit, dirt, soil, leaves, and debris from your pool so you don’t have to.

  • SmartBrite® Color Quartz

    A distinctive quartz aggregate finish provides a tough, non-slip interior with no-fade, stain-resistant color.

  • SmartTherm™ Heating Systems

    We offer a full array of efficient gas heaters, electric pumps, and solar-powered systems to cost-effectively extend your swimming season.

  • SmartMax™ StarPump & Motor

    The pool manufacturing industry’s most capable pump is the quietist, and processes more water with less energy.

  • SmartPure Mineral Cartridge

    This recognized mineral technology uses controlled-release to soften water, mitigate algae growth, and decrease the amount of chlorine needed.

  • SmartSeries™ In-Floor System

    Depending on your locale and climate conditions, an in-floor pool-cleaning system may be a great way to automate cleaning.

    A structure of built-in nozzles creates cleaning zones, and during programmed cycles, these recessed nozzles rise up out of the floor and get busy: each produces a jet of water that pushes away dirt and debris in its pathway, guiding it to the primary drain and skimmer where the dirt and debris are removed.

  • SmartSaver™

    A must-have for any owner, SmartSaver™ can decrease your energy bills by as much as 75%! In combination with a two-speed motor, this microprocessor-controlled device directs the operation of your cleaning and filtration systems—saving you both time and money. Furthermore, SmartSaver™ will boost the lifespan of your pool’s motor.

  • SmartControls™

    Initiate and control heat, spa jets, lighting, water features, and more from inside the house, beside the pool, or even in the water with our wireless, 100%-waterproof, handheld remote.

  • SmartLight® Series

    Safe LED and fiber-optics illumination systems vividly illuminate pools, spas, waterfalls, and landscaping in an array of stunning, alternating jewel-tone shades of light.

  • SmartFlow™ JetSystem

    This groundbreaking system amplifies cleaning and circulation, attacking dirt along pool and spa interior surfaces, preventing “dead zones”, and providing warmer, fresher water in less time, with less expense and fewer chemicals.