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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pool Pristine This Summer

May, 10, 2017.
Category: Tips and Ideas.

Summer by the pool is the ultimate, every day San Antonio and Austin staycation, and it’s important to keep your swimming pool crystal clear throughout the hot months. By following the tips below, you’ll find keeping your swimming pool pristine and clean is easier than you think.

Balancing Your Swimming PoolMaintaining the right pH balance and alkalinity is important. The correct pH balance not only keeps your swimming pool clean, and prevents scaling and cloudy water; it also prevents structural and equipment damage. pH balance should be between 7.4 and 7.6. Depending on your pH readings, you’ll need to add either a pH increaser or pH decreaser.

Chlorinating Your Pool

Summer heat is the perfect environment for growing bacteria and algae, causing your pool to turn an ugly green. Chlorine levels should always fall between 1 and 4 parts per million (ppm) to keep bacteria away and maintain a sanitized, beautiful pool.

Shocking Your Pool

Shocking your pool eliminates pollutants that cause murky water, chlorine odor and eye irritation. Shocking once a week is key in keeping a clean pool and reduces the need to use additional chemicals. After shocking, it’s important to wait for chlorine levels to drop around 3 to 4 ppm before you take a dip. Be sure to test your water before jumping in. 

Cleaning Your Pool

Cleaning your pool is just as important as maintaining pH, chlorinating and shocking your pool. You should skim debris out of your pool and clean skimmer baskets on a daily basis. Every week, you need to test your water, as well as clean walls and floors to prevent buildup.

Consider Adding Pool Smart Features

Today, advances in pool technologies allow pool owners to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying fun in the sun. Smart features can save time, money and energy, and can be easily added to an existing pool.

Keeping your pool pristine year-round requires regular maintenance, but it’s more than worth it, providing years of good, clean fun. Blue Haven Pools is your expert in ensuring your pool is always in pristine condition and always available to give you cleaning tips and advice.

Thinking of building your own dream pool? Serving Austin and San Antonio, Blue Haven specializes in building beautiful custom swimming pools that fit within your budget and offer a lifetime structural warranty. Give Blue Haven a call, today!