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Swimming Features Designed to Save You Money

Apr, 27, 2017.
Category: Tips and Ideas.

Summer is here and that means long days lounging by the pool. And while it’s important to maintain your pool throughout the year, the hot San Antonio and Austin summer can take its toll – from using more water and energy to pool chemicals and cleaning. With advances in pool technology, however, you can spend less energy and money on maintenance and more time enjoying fun in the sun.

Below are just a few money-saving and energy-efficient tools Blue Haven Pools can provide to greatly reduce pool maintenance and keep more money in your pocket.


Extremely efficient and easy to maintain, this filter saves water, and its robust antimicrobial protection inhibits mold, mildew and bacteria buildup in your pool, so the filter stays fresher longer.


This efficient and automated unit noiselessly and easily cleanses most swimming pools in just three to four hours. SmartVac® cleaners eliminate sand, grit, dirt, soil, leaves, and debris from your pool so you don’t have to.


The pool manufacturing industry’s most capable pump is quiet and processes more water with less energy, which means more money in your pocket.


You can decrease your energy bill by as much as 75% with SmartSaver™. In combination with a two-speed motor, this microprocessor-controlled device directs the operation of your cleaning and filtration systems—saving you both time and money.

Envision a pool that’s cleaner, healthier, and more visually appealing—all with less expense, maintenance, and chemicals. Call Blue Haven Pools today and make your backyard getaway more efficient and better than ever before!